Welcome to World Properties International Sea To Sky Realty. Thank you for your interest in joining our company. We are currently looking for new and seasoned associates who want to succeed in making money in the world of real estate with the freedom to work more independently to be your own boss and set your own hours. Please contact Matthew Hart by calling 1-800-654-1969 ext. 701 to set up a confidential interview to discuss your future with WPI Sea to Sky Realty.  Please view our video and read what we have to offer below to see if WPI is a perfect fit for you.

Our Commission Plans

WPI’s Real Estate Commission Plan is 90%!  No Monthly Fees! Just a small $199 closing transaction fee.
Flat Fee Listings are 80% commission with No closing transaction fee.
Rentals are 80% commission with No closing transaction fee.

Our Competitive Edge
Real Estate commissions at 90% with no monthly fees!
Unlimited listings with the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island. Listings taken are yours. If you leave us, you can take your listings with you.
Unlimited Viral Home Tours. (This one is AWESOME!) This can be a deal closer for getting a listing. We’ll show you what to say that will blow the sellers mind!  Take a look here.
Access to our state of the art company website. You will be able to add listings, write articles, generate leads, access all training, tools, and more.
No more file cabinets!  All buyer and seller paperwork is uploaded and stored on our secure online servers.  You can access them anytime, anywhere from any internet connected computer.
Customizable drip email campaigns to help you stay in touch with all your leads, friends, customers and future clients.
Use of our 800# call capture and follow me virtual phone system. Never miss a lead. Get your voice messages on-line or call into the system. Get email and phone or pager notifications of messages.
Coverage under the company’s errors and omissions insurance.
Complete office suite facilities* or work from home. All correspondence and paperwork can be sent through the mail, fax or web. No need to come to the office. True 24 hour office access with complete use of conference rooms to meet your clients*. With our system you can work anywhere and in any neighborhood you want. Have a life and more freedom.
You decide what real estate commission to charge. Do you want to charge 8%, 6% or 3%? You make the call. It’s your money.
Agent Referral Bonuses. When you refer another agent, you’ll get 95% commission on your next sale instead of 90%. There’s no limit as to how many agents you can refer.
No mandatory sales meetings, floor time, or operating the phones.
All necessary MLS forms, contracts, and documents provided by instant download from our website.
Complete Broker assistance, advice, and support.
Online training. Get your training from home or the beach with our system. All you need is a computer and phone! Online webinars are also recorded and listed in the backoffice so you can view them anytime!
Cooperative and discounted advertising. (Put your listings on the some of the most High Traffic Websites Online)
Proven Effective Marketing Materials.
Printed Listing Presentations that Rock. No more “Plain Jane” CMA’s from the MLS.  First impressions are always the best tactic.
A complete “Expired” Marketing Campaign.  Proven to work postcards and scripts that will have them asking why they didn’t list with you in the first place.
Get a personal state of the art website with IDX MLS Search. This isn’t one of those ugly looking sites that nobody knows exists or that has no lead capture system. These sites ROCK! And more are added all the time.  Take a look here! or see a live one HERE.
Get a personal online video listing presentation that you can use to pre-sell your sellers so they are ready to sign on the dotted line when they meet with you!
Get buyer and seller “squeeze pages” that have buyers and sellers begging to give you their information to learn what you have to say! Take a look here!
Once your personal website is up and running we set our system on GO, to get you to the top of the search engines. We’ve spent thousands on generating a system to get this done. Do a Google search for “Melville Real Estate”.  We’re on the first page.  We will put all of our agents on the first page so we dominate it.  Like the movie “The Natural” says, “If you build it, they will come”. You will start to generate leads with our systems running for you at the top of the search engines.
Want more listing exposure? We have a tool that auto-posts your listings to ten top classified sites once you set it up. Use it over and over again to generate traffic and buyer and seller leads.
We’ll show how to take an Agency Listing (Flat Fee Listing) for some quick cash ($300-$1000 upfront), and then use that listing to generate buyers and more listings.  I’ll bet your traditional broker doesn’t let you do that (if they even know what it is).
Want to give a seller a personal website for their home?  No problem! You can do that too!
Get Showing Feedback from agents that you can send to your sellers.  Also track all your showings in case you need to contact showing agents of price changes, show a seller all the showings they have had or justify a price reduction to the seller from the feedback.
Having an Open House?  Blast out an eFlyer by fax to the surrounding offices for them to put on their bulletin board.
Impress the Hell out of your sellers with a CD/DVD of their home that includes a movie of their home, all the detailed info on the home and all your contact info for people to contact you.  Stats show that 5-6% of the surrounding 100 neighbors will sell in the next 2 years.  What if you sent all 100 neighbors a CD/DVD of your home listing.  Do you think they’ll keep it?  You bet!  And you’ll be the one they remembered and will want that same service.
Mobile marketing is hot! We’ve partnered with a company that can deliver (through text messaging) home information directly to a buyers cellphone!  You get notified instantly of a fresh lead as soon as they receive the home information so you can follow up immediately!  You can send text, pictures and even video!  We’ll show you how! Take a look here!
We also have our own custom QR Code Generator.  Ever see that little square symbol with all the black and white boxes in it?  Your customers can take a picture of it with their phone and that code can be set up to instantly send them to a home tour website, have their phone call you for more info, text you for more info, send them property info, and much more! Get it FREE Here! My Gift to You For Just Taking a Look at What we have to offer!
Advanced Training.  We’ll show you tips and tricks to get the most out of your yearly MLS dues.  Some of these the MLS Staff probably doesn’t even know about!
Social Media?  Fugetaboutit!  We’ll show you how maximize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social networking sites.  Learn how to link everything together to become a real estate powerhouse!  Your seller will be drooling after showing them what you can do for them! Check Out Our Facebook Page Here!
Company generated leads available.
We’ll show you how you can generate buyer and seller leads with Craigslist, Backpage, and many other popular sites that get buyer and seller traffic.  We have to sometimes stop advertising because we can’t keep up with all the leads.
BPO and REO Training.  Want to break into the BPO and REO market?  We have complete lists of REO Registration sites and Asset Managers contact information.  We show you how to use them so you can start contacting them and get your piece of the pie.
More top secret training and tools are added all the time to help you get the most from your real estate career!

So what are you waiting for! Call 631-961-4626 ext. 701 for an appointment today to see if World Properties Int’l Sea to Sky Realty is right for you! Got questions? No problem. Just give us a call!